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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Contest Time

Win a free Sparkle Blue Danelectro Hodad with Vintage Style Tan Tweed Case.

I'm giving away a guitar that I no longer use to promote this site... I'm trying to see how many people I can drive to the google ads that I have on my site. I'm trying to figure out if using google's adsense program will allow me to do what I want to with this site. So, in order to drive some people through here, I'm willing to give away one of my retired guitars. Everyone that is interested do one or all of three things for me:
Click on the ads by google block above the posts

Search for something in the google search on the right and click on one of the ads there

or Download Picasa from the square link to the right and install it (very well made image editing application that's free - I use it all the time).

Once I get to 2000 posts, I will put an email link up... email me to be entered into the drawing for the free guitar. The guitar is in good shape... it just needs a setup and some love (haven't played it for a year or so).

Thanks for the help... if this works, I will probably start doing this more frequently with real sponsors... I have a couple of friends that make med-high end custom guitars that would love some online pub... Let's show them that it works.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

searched and clicked you can reach me at danpass at brandeis dot edu if need be. Cool site.

7:07 AM

Blogger Carrot said...

I totally respect what you're doing. Blogspot is amazing, I hope more people realize that and stray away from MySpace trash.

How advanced with the theory on here get? I'll keep updated, but I'd like to see it get tough! With time, of course, gotta establish the basics first.

And man, I'm totally entering this contest just because the guitar is called a hodad :P (Not a dano fan usually. Fender and Epi man and maybe Rick man when I win the lottery.)

11:13 PM

Blogger Gishdog said...

Carrot -

Thanks for the compliments... The theory is about to get a bit deeper. At some point early next week we're going to get into modes.

This blog is getting great response. I'm about to start getting in some gear to review and the policy here is that anything I review is given away as a contest to the readers.

Good luck on the Hodad... make sure you visit my sponsors.

Thanks again

7:38 AM


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